Cartoon Animation

Why use cartoon animation? Here are just a few reasons:

People watch them and share them

  • They have incredible engagement on social channels
  • Cartoons catch your eye more than regular images
  • One of the most recent successful ad campaigns was an animated cartoon
  • We know from experience, our animated cartoons have over 10┬ámillion YouTube views

You can do more for less

  • Only limited by your imagination
  • Don’t need to hire a whole film crew
  • Can have as much or little detail as you want

Cartoons have broad appeal

  • Appeal to the widest variety of ages
  • Cartoons give your brand a friendly personality
  • Are the Simpsons for kids or adults? Both!

How can you use animated videos?

  • For internal communications
  • To get more engagement from existing customers
  • Event/conference openers
  • Training videos
  • Seasonal communications

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