Moving from Flash to ToonBoom Animate

Well I’m finally making the switch to ToonBoom Animate after a decade of animating with Flash. Thanks to a few issues with rendering Quicktime movies in Flash CS5 (worked perfectly in Flash 8!!) Adobe has inspired me to make the switch!

As I come across things I’m learning I thought I would post them here for my benefit and anyone elses. Remember, I am not an expert I’m simply learning out loud.

Quick tips

  • The cutter tool won’t work if you are using the brush with auto-flatten turned on
  • To import SWFs, in your Library palette and right-click on ‘Animate Library’ and check ‘Right to Modify’. Now you can import SWFs
  • If you want to edit SWFs that you’ve imported, you’ll need to go to EDIT > GROUP > UNGROUP
  • Adam Philips has some awesome tutorials on this topic on his YouTube channel.
  • You’ll need to think about every short scene as a whole new project in Animate, but using the library will help you re-use symbols and cycles you have created.
  • If you want to move it, you’ll need to peg it (cameras too)
  • To blur a layer, first create the blur layer and then parent what you want to that layer (by dragging it on to the blur layer)

As you can see this is a work in progress, I’ll update as I go… hopefully.