Clickfarms mean engagement is more important than followers

I came across this article all about click farms, how easy it is to ‘buy’ fans and likes on social channels. Facebook hates them, but a lot of individuals and businesses still use them. Rather than spend time building your social followings, why not just buy them? Read on.

Before you either go out and buy fans or likes for yourself (or give up on social entirely!) think about this.

Clickfarms may be able to get you a lot of followers, but they can’t buy you engagement. Engagement (likes, comments and shares) will help your content reach more real people organically.

The article also seems to be suggesting that buying reach on Facebook is NOT a good idea. What if you end up paying Facebook to show your content to fake users?

The best strategy as usual is to spend time &/or money creating great content, inspiring real people to interact with it and organically growing your followers.