Clickfarms mean engagement is more important than followers

I came across this article all about click farms, how easy it is to ‘buy’ fans and likes on social channels. Facebook hates them, but a lot of individuals and businesses still use them. Rather than spend time building your social followings, why not just buy them? Read on.

Before you either go out and buy fans or likes for yourself (or give up on social entirely!) think about this.

Clickfarms may be able to get you a lot of followers, but they can’t buy you engagement. Engagement (likes, comments and shares) will help your content reach more real people organically.

The article also seems to be suggesting that buying reach on Facebook is NOT a good idea. What if you end up paying Facebook to show your content to fake users?

The best strategy as usual is to spend time &/or money creating great content, inspiring real people to interact with it and organically growing your followers.



If your website isn’t mobile friendly you will miss out on customers

In April 2015 Google announced they were changing the way websites were ranked. Basically if your website wasn’t mobile friendly it would be ranked lower than it was before. This means that when people search for your business they have less chance of finding you, and more chance of going to your opposition.

You can quickly find out if your website is mobile friendly here:

If it isn’t mobile friendly, don’t wait any longer! Contact us and we can fix it in a day.


Live action vs Cartoon animation

One of the best reasons for using cartoon animation is that you can control exactly how the finished product is going to look, unlike live action videos.

Don’t get me wrong, we have been involved with plenty of live action shoots and still love the energy that they bring. Sometimes having real actors in a real situation is exactly what you need. But there are many factors that have to come together to make a live action video:

  • actors
  • location
  • weather
  • lighting
  • sound
  • catering
  • power supply
  • cameras and equipment

And of course you have to pay for all of these. A professional video can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 to produce.

On the other hand, with cartoon animation you can control everything. Once the voice-over track is done, the rest is in our capable hands, and it is easy to change things that aren’t quite working.

As a result, cartoon animation is less expensive, quicker and we reckon more engaging!


How to deal with cyber-bullying video

While working for Jules Lund at 2DayFM I put together this short video to accompany a radio segment about cyber bullying.

In the video Jules speaks with Ricky Martin, Lily Allen, Shane Warne and Samantha Jade on how to deal with trolls. I created the animated segments then incorporated them with other video elements into this final version:


How to stop related vids showing on YouTube

Quick answer: Simply add ‘?rel=0’ after the video ID.

For example, you want to embed our latest animation showreel on your website just cos you think its awesome. You’ve grabbed this code from the YouTube video page:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” ></iframe>

Look for the unique YouTube code in the URL, and simply add ?rel=0 after it like so:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” ></iframe>

If you’re like most people and have no idea about HTML or coding, YouTube have also made it easy for you. And I’ve summarised it here below:

The biggest mistake businesses make with YouTube

Okay so there may be a few mistakes that businesses make when using YouTube, but I just want to mention one that I see all the time.

I’m not talking about the actual content itself, that’s a whole different discussion topic! It is a simple mistake and it can be fixed really easily.

So you’ve made an awesome video, uploaded it to YouTube and you’re ready to put it on your website to help show your customers what you do. But, once it is finished playing your video will display related videos, some of them may even be your competition. Or something you don’t want your customers to see. And so what started out as a great video may end up promoting your competition or showing something that will turn your customers away!

Below is exactly the same video (that we created) but with some slight differenes. Watch the first video and you’ll see it displays other videos that we have no control over!

The video on the right doesn’t show any other videos once complete, and it can be fixed in 5 seconds. Want to learn how? Click here!

Making of Surfer Girl dance animation

Here’s a quick overview of how we animated Surfer Girl’s Happy Dance video:

We started with some rough sketches, and then used several dancers to come up with some dance steps that would both work for animation and in real life. Then we created some wireframes for the three girl characters, and put them to the music (which was composed by Robi Navicula in Bali). Once we had the timing right, we completed the in-betweening and final animation. Adding colours and compositing is where it starts looking like a real animation, before rendering the final video in HD. The video was for a dance contest which you can view at Surfer Girl’s website, and we have shown a sample of some of the dancers.

Overall this was one of the most challenging and enjoyable projects we have done yet!

Super Animations

The Challenge
The client Christian Super wanted a greater response from their email campaign.

The Solution
We created a series of four short animated cartoons to engage the viewers and then inspire them to take action.

The Result
“Member contributions were up by 84% in June/July 2011 versus the same period in the previous year. This was the largest year for co­contributions ever!”

Watch one of the videos below:

Fun way to try

One of the most successful viral campaigns of the last few years was by Melbourne Metro. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time you watched ‘Dumb Ways to Die’:

So it was incredibly popular, there were spin offs and parodies and even my kids have been singing it. Can 52,147,863 people be wrong?

I’m assuming that the aim of the video was to remind people not to die in a dumb way, ie crossing train tracks. Did Melbourne Metro get their ROI? Did it save lives?

According to Metro Trains there has been a ‘20% drop in dumb behaviour‘… hmmm, not sure how you can measure that.

I guess the winners in this are the creative team, they really grabbed some attention with a really fun little animation and a catchy tune.

– Phil