The biggest mistake businesses make with YouTube

Okay so there may be a few mistakes that businesses make when using YouTube, but I just want to mention one that I see all the time.

I’m not talking about the actual content itself, that’s a whole different discussion topic! It is a simple mistake and it can be fixed really easily.

So you’ve made an awesome video, uploaded it to YouTube and you’re ready to put it on your website to help show your customers what you do. But, once it is finished playing your video will display related videos, some of them may even be your competition. Or something you don’t want your customers to see. And so what started out as a great video may end up promoting your competition or showing something that will turn your customers away!

Below is exactly the same video (that we created) but with some slight differenes. Watch the first video and you’ll see it displays other videos that we have no control over!

The video on the right doesn’t show any other videos once complete, and it can be fixed in 5 seconds. Want to learn how? Click here!